NFL runs one up in the Skins and the Cowboys…..and the Skins didn’t enjoy it!

And so begins the O factors rant about the bullshit move Mr. Rogers Goodell has pulled on my beloved skins in the closing hours before free agency. I mean really? There are no F#@%^*G rules against what was done in 2010. Can anyone say “Lawsuit”? Snyder and Jones need to tag team his ass and get that kresge back. 36 mil??? Where the hell did you even come up with that figure you piece of shit? Good God this is killing me. I understand that if the skins didn’t make this decision in 2010 that we/they would be in pretty much the same cap situation and would owe the dough to Allbutter Changepurse instead of the NFL (owners). ……Breaking News!! Garcon and Morgan to the Skins!!!!!!!! SIIIIILLLLIIIIINEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Put that in your crack pipe with your crack in your crack and go smoke it Roger! Lookin for a Right Guard outta Houston..Lemmme get that!


the ORoger in a Minnie Mouse Suit


About jonbravo

Big time Homer. Skins, CAPS, Nats, Wiz, Hoyas, Hokies. DMV native
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